No Chance

My mom can be such a jerk that I don't even bother trying to get along with her anymore. She always turns everything into something about her and all she does is talk and lecture me. She never listens to what I am going to say because she thinks she knows what I want to say but she is always wrong. She is so controlling too. I am not even allowed to sleep over without like three days notice or stay out past 10 in the summer. I can't even go out during the school year.
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3 Responses Aug 14, 2007

I have to agree with musichead. My mom just doesn't have a clue. And that forrest gump story is hilarious lmfao.

LOL, I have to disagree with the "Parents are most of the time right", cos my mum's view of the world and justice is totally twisted. For example, we were watching 'Forrest Gump', and at the end, when we [family] were discussing it, she declared that intelligence and luckiness were the same thing! My dad and I just exchanged exasperated glances, as we usually do - there's never any point or anything achieved when we try to explain to her. So I can say I feel your pain. :P

You should try, she's the only mommy you have and the only one you will have .... and she will not be with you forever. Parents are most of the time right, sometimes we are just to stubborns and proud to accep it they are right.