I was a great student in high school. Graduated with honors, editor of the year book master of the webstaff, Captain of the colorguard. I was proud of myself for all my accomplishments. My mother not so much.

In my life she has said she was proud of me 6 times. At promotions and graduations while we were in front of people. When I got my first job, she congratulated me on facebook. When I got my first car, again over facebook. The only time she's ever said it and actually mean it, not to show people she was a "good mom" was my sophomore year of highschool. I was outside with my colorguard practicing our routine during the back to school open house. She waited til we were in the car and said she was proud of me. Not because my teachers raved about me. Not because of my amazing grades, or the things I was apart of. But, it was because I was constantly stopped during my practice by all the friends I had. It was because in her mind I was popular and that's what she cares about. At the time I didn't think about it. She said she was proud so I started crying like any other reasonable teenage girl with mommy issues would do. But, I remember the pain now. It's been 8 years. I remember every word.
molson91 molson91
26-30, F
Aug 28, 2014