Dont Understand

My parents just seperated like a few months ago and i live w/ my dad but go 2 school near my mom's house. I want 2 transfer 2 my old school but my mom wont let me for some strange reason but my dad just bought another house in his old neighborhood so i could go 2 my old school. i really want to transfer right now but she wont let me. @ first she told me i could transfer but she tried 2 make me feel bad about it so i said i dont know if i will but when i told her that i'm ready 2 transfer she said no because she wont ever see me. she lied to me that whole time and now i'm not talking to her @ all. i feel bad about giving her silent treatment but she really deserves it. she knew how bad i wanted to transfer back 2 my old school! 

oneboosiefan oneboosiefan
13-15, F
Feb 7, 2010