Me And My Mum Have Fallen Out Massively And I Miss Her Terribly :-(

I guess i should start from the begining even though this is a really long story.
i grew up on my own with my mum as a single parent. we had it tough but all my life she was all i had. i had other family members my nan and aunty things like that, but my mum was the one i lived with. we got on well even though she wasnt with my father anymore, he chose he didnt want anything to do with me. as i grew older into my teens me and my mum were more like best friends than mother and daughter. she eventually settled down and got married to her husband, when i was 12 years old, a man whom i didnt get along with. he was a very manipulative and spitefull man who never treated me nicely. in the end after 10 long years of living with him, mum saw sense and they split up after 3 affairs. during this time i had gotten myself a long term boyfriend who i have now been with for 7 years and now continue to have a home with. im not gonna lie and im gonne be totally honest, i was no angel to my mum whilst still living at home, i stole from her and ended up in court, but i paid my dues and did community service and paid her back the money i stole. still she continued having me live there our relationship strenghtened and everything was fine. not long after about 2 years ago now, my nan died. (my mums mum) this hit the family hard and shes taken it hard. since this happening i dont think her state of mind has been the same altho she will not accept this and to others she seems of sound mind, altho considering shes my mother i know differently.
when i moved out with my fiance got my own life, job, family pet etc, she started interfering in my life causing trouble. basically the start of it was i lost my job. because i didnt declare my criminal conviction they dismissed me, putting stress on my relationship with my fiance i believe my mum believe he was vulnerable. she started applyin the pressure to him, resulting in when i had a tax return of nearly a thousand pound, she started to txt my man saying kates out of control spending her money on clothes and things for herself she shud be helping to pay bills and basically trying to cause trouble. i didnt think this was right, so i confronted her and she just went beserk, telling me i was a liar and so forth. i then found out after i'd argued with my partner about the money even though i had paid my half towards bills, my mother was continuing to txt my partner saying aload of lies that i had not said, i was goin to cheat, i was a liar and all sorts. can somebody please tell me what sort of a mother does this? what sort of a mother goes behind her daughters back and deliberately sets out to ruin her 7 year relationship? because i fail to understand. today its been over two months since iv spoken to her,altho in that time iv tried twice to make contact with no success. today i tried again for the 3rd time. i got a response. basically telling me to pee off in lighter terms than she put it. i just got a whole load of abuse telling me what a liar and everything i am and how she wants nothing to do with me saying iv got no friends because she also turned one of my friends against me too. i feel so down about it and i find myself here boring everyone with my story. but i feel as tho i need some good advice before i go mad! somebody please reply and help me in what to do to move on because she obviously doesnt want anything to do with me. i quit trying.
kate2606 kate2606
22-25, F
May 21, 2012