Not Being Worth The Try......

I think what hurts the most when mothers and daughters don't get along is having others in the middle of situations and it becomes exhausting for those people. They get tired of hearing the same 'ole - same 'ole and basically start tuning out your vent. I, just like many, don't get along with mine to the point where I didn't want children because I thought I would be the same kind of mother. I now have two children and make it a point to check myself daily.

I've suggested counseling, talking, everything to my mother, but I come to find out that I'm not worth the try. She can tell everyone else how she loves them, how she's proud of them, but when it comes to me....nothing. That hurts. I'm trying to have some kind of relationship with her and she won't even try to meet me half way. Message received loud and clear. Did I do something to her? Am I a disappointment? What could it be, right? I think I've done well. Finished my masters, not depending on anyone but me, I don't ask her for anything, so what is it, right? Some friends have commented that my mother is jealous. Wow...thought you were suppose to WANT more for your children.

Oh well, since I'm not worth the effort. I no longer try. Whatever!
Orkaprol Orkaprol
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2 Responses May 21, 2012

My situation is kind of like this. I feel just like you giving up on the relationship . People have told me that she is jealous. What my conclusion is just accepted her for who she is and move on. Life is short just pray about it and leave it in god hands. Be blessed!!! All things are possible with The Lord JESUS on your side!!! Take care

There are plenty other people who will love you and treat you with respect for who you are and what you've accomplished. Why waste time on someone who won't do that? Maybe, she is jealous? You're a better mother and have done more with your life. The b*tch should get over herself; she was blessed with a strong, self-disciplined daughter and can't appreciate it.