How Could She Ignore Me Soo Much!

I Don't Get Along With My Mother...My mother wants me to be a physician 'doctor'  and i just dont think thats what i want, and when i talk about what i really want she ignores me, she listens only to what she wants, and she told me that she was too much for me to ever be like her in the smallest way . When i tried to understand what that meant she said that i was doing this in purpose to bother her, and its driving me crazy because im the best i can be, i do the chores, i ave great grades at school, i behave i respect her, i give her gifts and its as if its never good enough. I tried to make it work but it always end in tears since she cant stop bringing me down.       thx

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My mother is the same exact way! She drives me and all of my sisters crazy! I moved out of the house as soon as I was old enough! The only reason I'm still around is because of my little sisters and they have to live with my mom for four more years!

haya, dude you got one more year , i got three, and its like ill be living with someoe on a totally different planet, now i just respect her, no mother daughter talk nothing at all, i just be polite cuz i have to and just like you said, just waiting for my turn to getaway ....... thx ;)

wow. diddo son,! she not only hears what she wants to hear, she makes sh** up that she never said, or that she supposidly said to me just to make me look like the bad guy, shes controlling even though im trying to do everything without argument, and mostley suceed, friends cant see how i do so many chores. chores that are just ******* expected of me, like its wrong if i dont do them, im not allowed to be myself and would never talk to her about any of my feelings cause shell twist them some way to make it her way, all she does is complain every day about work, and tells me i have the wrong outlook and attitude. .. .. .. .. i kinda drifted off there, but girl, i understand you like your a reflection of me. trust me. in my case i have a year till i have a chance to move out and get away from all of it, you?

Yup i dont get along with my mother either, though my mother and my sister get along with each other like butter.