They Don't Know Me

At first glance my family looks like a pretty average one. But under everything we are a broken family. My parents fight constantly. I get yelled at at least 3 times a day. They look down on me like i'm the biggest disappointment in their life. I get fairly good grades and I try to do everything right but nothing works. All they ever see is my mistakes. My mother goes on about how I have never gone 3 days without making a mistake. My parents see me as a mean girl but that's always because whenever they are with me they are yelling at me about something even if it isn't about me and i'm just tired of it. With my friends and everyone else I am nice and everyone says that i'm the one always laughing and smiling and making other people smile. I just wish my parents would just try to look at the real me rather than the me that they've already cast and painted a picture of in their minds.
crazygirl123456 crazygirl123456
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 20, 2010

Don't day you will be on your own and you can have your own life. You are a very sweet girl and people around except your parents, love you. Just believe in yourself and be strong. You can't change your parents, don't expect them to understand you. They will be always like this. I had the same kind of parents and i felt great relief after leaving my home forever. Later, they never even regretted at what they did to stay happy and you will make a good life for of luck and God bless you.