Both Of Them Are Close Minded, Inconsiderate, Evil Boobs

My parents are soooo annoying that really don;t give a crap about me. I"m beginning to axept that now. It really sucks to know this but its true Me and my parents will never get along. My mother is a "Jesus Loving' ******* and my father is a absolute immature incisiderate nothing, thats only goal is to make my life absolutely terrible for the past 17 years. The more and more they do this. The more and more I'm going to stay away from them. I cant wait to get ready to go to school because I'm going straight to Canada regardless of what happens. I can;t stand my house and I'm ready to be on my own and live my life, get away from my parents.
NewPersonUnderConstruction NewPersonUnderConstruction
18-21, F
Aug 2, 2010