Heil Dictator

Heil dictator is my response to the "scum bag caregiver." She hated me for various reasons and as  a young adolescent growing up was always having me watched, where I spent money and loads of things. Once she had me commited to a mental hospital ofr kids. I remember this clearly even at my age and still wonder what she was really thinking. Hated every minute iwas in her domain afterward. She wa sjust wicked. Never loved her nor did I lezarn how to really love. My sibs were just as bad. I survived and at at 18 departed the prison she had created. My sibs guess had a few problems with her and who knows what else.

She croaked felt bad for one or two days but afterwards no remorse or feelings. Did get back to her spot inthe ground and thought hell you should of been here many years ago and just felty it was a waste of my time. No feelings and just told her how I felt. It was my way of dealing with this and to know I felt better. The other person well at age 10 he took a powder leaving 7 kids alone. Never saw the creep again and just wonder what type of jerk he was.
honey624 honey624
56-60, M
Aug 6, 2010