Mom And I Are Too Different

My mom and I never had the ideal mother daughter relationship. She has her moments where I can say that we are family, but most days I wont talk to her at all. The way I act around my friends, and how I am goofy and flirtatious makes my mom sick. She grew up as a christian, so she has beliefs as to how things are supposed to be. My actions are completely different. If she was a true christian, id be satins daughter. Why cant she just let me be who I am?

Ive had to lie about where i've been to try not to disappoint her, and it bites me in the *** later on, but she doesn't understand who I am. Im 18 and she treats me like I'm 15 still, cant she see that? If I wanna spend the night at a boys house, shouldn't she just deal with it? Not to her. I am a disgraceful child. But I cant leave, I cant pay for my medical expenses and she knows this...somedays I feel like she takes advantage of that.

Can anyone relate?
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1 Response Jan 7, 2013

Sometimes it’s better to not be like you’re parents. My mom is religious I’m not really at all. Well parents in general christen or not are very protective with their girls. Parents let guys do whatever they want well at least in my house. When I was little I fought about going to church instead I slept in and watched SpongeBob. I can relate to you with that I and my mother are so different we can’t seem to get along about anything. I’m really quirky along with goofy she is more traditional. She calls me names all the time. I ignore it for that she is really ignorant. I think you should just lie to your mother about going to a guy’s house unless you are dating him. Every one becomes horny it’s really natural. Hopefully you will be going to college so you can get out of the house.
The satins daughter comment really made me laugh! This is so bad but I pictured you in red Victoria secret under garments with devil horns like in Halloween that would be so hot. My advice is simple go to college live in a dorm make friends. Pick a decent major that will make money. Just go crazy have fun above all do what you want to do who cares what your mother thinks it’s your life you don’t owe her anything. I know she raised you but youth is the most important thing you will ever have. Don’t tell your mom about the crazy fun you are having in college then graduate find an apartment and live a great life Religious people just don’t understand ;) Older people always just like to act superior that’s why so many managers are douches.