I Can't Stand Them Sometimes.

I use to be really close them but as soon as i hit 13 it changed. they moved so that we lived in the middle of nowhere, and always said it was so i didn't turn out like my sisters.

 but now i'm 18 nearly 19 and things just annoy me all the time, i had to act like i was a full adult at 15 not allowed to have fun cause they had problems and was always arguing. i got blamed most of the time and know they have sorted things out they keep on ur the baby, nothing can happen to u, i wont let it. i didn't chose to be the baby of the family and if i do go out that's it who and were. some people see it as their protective but if they was they wouldn't of done what they did back when i was 15. why is it they worse as you get older and want to leave?

lonelyemogirl lonelyemogirl
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 15, 2010

A friend of mine claims that in your parents eyes, you're always 13. Why we'un's changed diapers on that one! How dare she tell us she knows what she's doing!