A Family Feud

Hello, I'm sorry in advance if I am rambling on a little or I am long winded. I have been reading stories of different people's life experiences and to some extent I consider myself to be more fortunate and blessed than some people. My immediate family (mother and father) are loving, caring people and I feel blessed to be in their care. However my relationship with my extended family, particularly my uncle and grandparents are extremely tense and strained and I feel quietly depressed at times because of this.

I was born into an Asian family background. My grandparents are old fashioned, traditional, and stubborn people who still believe in the superiority of males over females. As such, they tried extremely hard to give birth to a son. After 3 daughters, two of which were twins (one of which being my mum) they had a son (my uncle). On a side note, money can especially bring out a person's sense of greed, an egotistic personality, and the belief that one can do anything with money. My grandfather falls into all these categories, and he also has LOTS of money. As such, he pampered and spoiled his son, buying him the best house in an affluent suburb, the best cars and fueled his son's passion of action figurines, particularly Star Wars and Star Trek. He rarely works, instead I consider him to be living a life of a playboy.

In contrast, my mum and twin aunt, being born before my uncle, are treated like dogs, buying them relatively small semi-detached homes and made them use their hard-earned money to buy their own cars. To make matters worse, all my grandfather's children work under him in the family business. Naturally, his son is paid considerably more per annum than my mother and her twin sister. When my mother complains, my grandfather simply retorts that his son is the only person that is able to inherit and hold his family name and that we just have to endure it. My mother also told me that in her childhood she was regularly abused by her father and brother, and forced to help him with school work, while she had little help at all. This family feud has had a considerable effect on my current relationship with my extended family, and my mother treats them only with contempt and hatred.

The second part of my story concerns one of my nine cousins, as well as my grandfather. Although I occasionally get along well with most of my cousins, I have had the misfortune to be born in the same year as one of my male cousins, whom everyone in my family knows is the most intellectually superior people in my extended family. In fact, he is a MENSA, with an IQ of 160. Therefore, his family is viewed in a substantially positive light by my grandfather. We completed our high school studies a couple of months ago and he managed to obtain the highest possible score in Australia (99.95), which is extremely rare. I do not have the luxury of being a naturally born smart person and had to work hard to do well. In the end, was happy with my own score, being in the top 5% of the country. Nevertheless, my grandfather, being the traditional Asian that he is, only believes in perfect scores and publicly trumpets the success of my MENSA cousin. In fact, he has been boasting of him for just over a decade now, whilst treating me less than favorably, simply because of my mother's position in the family.
On a side note, he rewards him constantly as a result of his successes, and recently promised to buy him a BMW for his first car. The constant rejection of me, due to all his attention being focused on his 'golden grandson' has left me quietly depressed and hurt. Nevertheless, I still have my parent's support in everything I do in life.

To summarize, It seems to me that I am living in a hierarchical society, with my grandfather at the top, and us at the bottom. I feel more relieved I am able to get this off my chest, and express my feelings in the Experience Project.

Thank you for reading and sorry once again for my rambling, long-winded storytelling.

SilentMale18 SilentMale18
18-21, M
Jan 14, 2013