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please help i am lost i have trial for child support next month now i have placement an custody of my 2 daughters i work full time an part time when i dont have them now she is on welfare an also has another adult an 2 kids living in her household she gets 800 assistance from the state an i dont get 1 dollar i am not rich i might make 30000 a yera if i am lucky now just bc i make a little more i am getting penltylized for it were i am afraid that i am going to be forced into homeless bc i have a ton of bills like rent an car were she haS NONE BC SHE GETS ASSISTANCE I FEEL LIKE THE COURT DOESNT RECOGNIZE THAT I ACTUALLY HAVE THE GIRLS EQUAL TIME LIVING WITH ME
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1 Response Feb 14, 2012

It's a bunch of bullsh*t! You get penalized for working hard and making decent money. The people who don't and keep popping out babies they can't afford get a free ride....on top of all the child support they get, which is usually an exorbitant amount that leaves the parent that must pay broke.

I get no child support or assistance. I barely pay my bills on time either. I'm not able to get support but the gov't doesn't care about that. Even if I did, just a small amount would make a world of difference. I don't need half of someone else's paycheck that I didn't work for. I think every parent should provide for their children!! I just think the amount that some of these people receive is exorbitant. Especially when custody is shared. I realize that there are people that truly need assistance. People who have fallen into hard times by losing their job, having an illness or injury or whatnot, but these women that keep having children they can't afford are very selfish and irresponsible. There are too many that take advantage. Sure, I could be selfish and have another child, which I wanted to but won't, or move a man in with me to help support me, but I won't do that to my child. It's not right. I don't think this man doesn't want to support his children. He is just upset over the fact that he is working hard to make ends meet and pay her support while she doesn't have to. Of course there's two sides to every story....

Regardless, this is a sensitive topic for me because I cannot collect support or assistance. I am nearly drowning in debt and would be grateful for just 2-300$ a month. If I was able to go to court to petition for support from a man that made, just for example, maybe the same or a little bit more than me, he would probably be ordered to pay at least 600$ a month. I don't "need" that much. Perhaps some of these women need that. I don't begrudge them that at all. What upsets me is hearing women complain about what they do get and to me it sounds like a dream come true. I suppose like everything else in life, a few rotten apples seem to ruin the bunch.

Any man that does that isn't a man. They should have themselves sterilized.