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I Really Could Use The Child Support But I Know I Wont Get It

My son will be 4 in Nov and I havent gotten child support since he was 2 years old. Right now the balanced owed to me is a really big amount, there is a warrent out for my son's father but they havent found him. It really bothers me because Im here raising our son and struggling and he can just continue to live his life as if he doesnt have a child and that nothing has to be paid. I know that people have put this idea in his head that I wouldnt use the money to provide for my son I would just blow it on myself. That really bothers me because that is totally false. I struggle now getting my son sneakers, clothes, food for the daycare....smfh....everything is just so hard and Ive been doing it for the past 3 years all by myself. I didnt create him by myself so why should I have to be the only one that financially supports him? I wish that I can be told when and if I might get a payment but I know I probably wont get anything at all. I try not to think about it but there is so much that I can do for my son with that money but he (his father) doesnt understand that. I no longer keep my fingers crossed that I'll get when and if I ever do, it's a complete shock....
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One of my best girlfriends had a little boy by her boyfriend of 4 yrs. She ended up leaving the father because he wouldn't work. The courts brought the father in numerous times for back child support. At one point the judge told him ,"you have a hunting license and fishing license, if you can afford those you can pay child support." She rec'd one support check for 7 dollars in 18 yrs. The check is framed on her kitchen wall. She worked, struggled, did hair on the side, whatever she could do. I helped her through out the years. We are still good friends after 25 yrs. We now laugh at the struggles and things we did to make ends meet. We had many good times just doing simple things that didn't cost much. The father of her son died yrs ago. He drank his life away. She raised a fine strong son on her own.

Yes! That is what Im doing. Even though I still havent gotten anything (my son is 6 now) Im still doing what I need to do to provide for my son. :-) thanks for replying