Dead Beat Mom

honestly, i never wanted her money anyway.  She was happy enough to get it form me every chance she got.  She even manipulated our kids so that they would live with her so that she could get the money.  Once the kids figured her out and moved back in with me she felt that i should still keep giving her money, even though she had re-married and both kids lived with me.  Sorry, no....they live with me and you are supposed to send me money for their support......but.......


I don't want her money......i got what i want, my kids.

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2 Responses Sep 19, 2008

I'm sorry for your situation. wonder how we get married to these people to begin with? - oh yea...that was how..... ;-)

Congratulations 4 u. I just wish my ex husband could help......but he seems to think that since I make more money that he doesnt have any responsibility. I can handle the finances for our children that is not the issue but it takes a turn for the worse when he is working and not doing anything until I buy them what they need.