Heres Your .04 Cents

my ex was fianlly tracked down after (living in the same house) 16 years and forced to pay child support

and I kid you not

the first two checks were for .04 cents

I still have them at the time it would have cost me $1 to cash them

after that the got a little bit better

the most I recived was for $78 dollars

except for the one check I got that was for $500

that was the last time he filed taxes

when my daughter turned 18 I got letter asking if I would wave child support so he did not have to pay the back support he owed

that was the same  I was sent two replacement check for the two .04 cent check i had not cashed

I called and asked the lady if she was High



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3 Responses Dec 5, 2008

LOL I have a four year old boy who I just started getting child support for .. I got his tax return as well ( 500) It was the greatest check I have ever spent My husband and I took my son to a festival and bought him soo much stuff it was great .<BR>Also... four cents check .. thats ridiculous I am sorry but sometimes it seems ridiculous to me how two people can make a baby but it always seems like only one of them takes care of that child .

its a childs bio dad pays $21 per comes in dribs and drabs..he went on disability after she was born 12 years ago...................hasnt had anything to do with her then I get a letter from him last year demanding phone contact cause he has decided that he wants a relationship with her........fat chance.

I used to live in CA <br />
and because they did not collect child support and i had to use welfare when i first divorced <br />
they are collecting the back welfare first <br />
i get whats left<br />
and he is apparently<br />
only sending them $40 - $100 a month