Maybe One Day?

My ex sends me money when he thinks that he's somehow bribing me to come back to him. I recently asked him if there was ANY way he could help me fix my car, as it's currently not driveable and the repair is estimated to be $2500. His response?? "If you want me to take care of you like an active husband, then you need to move back in with me." WHAAAA??? Sheesh, nevermind, I'll take care of it myself!! Idiot.

He went away in July of 2005. The first time I saw a penny from him was in July of 2008. He actually did good for a little while, he was sending me $150/week. On average he would 3 of the 4 weeks of the month... for about 3 months.

I didn't see a dime in October or November. Our daughter's birthday was this last week, and he miraculously managed to send her a Nintendo DS with an extra game too. Hmmm... guess that "I'm just too broke" card won't work anymore.

I guess the good thing is, she DID get what she wanted for her birthday, and I know I couldn't have bought it for her. :-) At least there's that.

All that being said though, I'm signing us up with the state registry. That way the state will send a notice to his employer. Plus, I'm certain they'll garnish more than $150/week, considering how much he makes.

Don't get me wrong here! I'm not just about the money!! I only want to be able to take care of my kids the way they deserve! Right now I've hit some pretty rough times, and even if I don't get anything from him, I know we'll survive... but, I sure would like to do a bit more than merely survive when it comes to the kids. I hate telling them they're only allowed ONE treat/snack at a time, so that we don't run out of food too fast. .. That sort of thing. .. I'm sitting here worrying about how to make our food last for another 10 days, while he has a 50 something inch plasma tv, the latest video game system, all his favorite games, and is leasing a brand spanking new Accord... Hmmm, what's wrong with this picture? 

Maybe to some it seems like I'm just money grubbing... and I'm jealous because he has nice things and I don't. The most important thing is that I have my children, and we are extremely happy and healthy... but... why shouldn't I want something from him? For the things I can't afford, like dental work (my daughter needs $400 worth of work done) ... I mean, all I'm saying is, it would be nice.  More than nice, it's the right thing to do. --In my opinion.


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2 Responses Dec 6, 2008

A real man who is a real father supports his kids without a court order. If you need a court order for him to meet his obligations, that is not anything negative about you, you need to do that to get him to support the kids. That should come first, before his toys. Good for you.

No you are NOT money grubbing or jealous<br />
kids come first<br />
that money spent on the TV needed to go towards <br />
Food<br />
clothes<br />
school supplies<br />
and anything / everything those kids need <br />
some "men" need a swift kick in the but