I Was Told By Family Support My Case Has "No Hope"

My husband walked out when I was seven months pregnant.  After being married for two years I thought at least he would pay child support.  I was very wrong.  I have not seen a time from him in over nine years.  I have an active account with family support.  We have had his license revoked, filed contempt of court charges and even had bench warrants out for him.  Still I get nothing.  I am so outraged that the State of California will not throw him in jail.  He has been in there custody, and they let him walk.  What ever happened to tough laws for childrens welfare..?   I work full time and I guess the state figures as long as I am not on welfare that the matter isn't important.  I don't know what else to do.  I recently spoke with family support services and was told my case was "Hopeless"  I refuse to believe that.  Our state is almost bankrupt do to over spending on social service programs.  I wonder how many other parents are out there not getting any support for their children and are forced to be on these programs.  Just a thought!! Big deal we take away a drivers license. Many people drive without them any way.  Its been almost ten years and I am fed up. 

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3 Responses Jul 1, 2009

Well, most people say they will never abandon their kids, but if another women (or man) comes into the picture that does not want the kids...they all seem to do so.<br />
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My son did, and I can't forgive him. Draw the line and lets all stand up and tell the deadbeat - dad or mom that is our child. PAY YOUR CHILDSUPPORT!!!!!

i feel you my dead beat dad hasnt paid **** and its been 14years since ive seen his *** and im 17 so do the math lol **** america its so corrupt my moms and i are sitting here struggling but not on welfare and they dont prosecute my dumb *** daddy either i say we rush the place and get the money we deserve lol

What a bunch of crap that is. I am a guy going threw a divorce myself right now but no way would I ever abandon my kids!