No Comfort Zone

I don't know how some people can be so cold but I'm married to one. He claims to love me and doesn't want to split up but he doesn't give me comfort when I need it. I can cry right in front of him (not that I do it often) and he just stands there staring at me. I have asked him to put his arms around me but he doesn't always, even when asked. It's a difficult way to live. I'm growing tired of it and feel I deserve better.
LifeGaveMeLemons LifeGaveMeLemons
51-55, F
3 Responses Sep 14, 2012

convince him if he ignores warn him if he not improves whatever satisfection you require get it from nearby available soures.

Thank you for your sympathy. It is miserable for sure but I can't seem to get out. Feeling trapped feels almost as bad.

I am sorry for what you are suffering. It sounds like a one sided relationship. It is miserable living in a marriage that feels loveless.