Tik Tok Parody

Wake-up in the morning feeling like a zombie
I got my dark eyes and my pale face, I'm gonna scare this city
Before I leave splash my eyes with some water to go
Did I get enough sleep, they'll never ever know

I'm talking 5 hours a night, night
Gonna make everyone fright, fright
Staying up past the light light
Not going to my bed, bed
Yea you heard what I said said
Gonna look like the deeaaaaaad

Stay awake
Take a break
The feeling ain't fake

Get no sleep
What you reap
Is a feeling that's beep

Feeling great
From up late
The feeling that I state

Is wo-o-o-o-oh, wo-o-o-o-oh

Now I'm slap happy and I'm going to school
And My teachers all know because I act like a fool
All kids tell each other how much sleep they got
And we all know the answer is not a lot

I'm talking about everybody looks high, high
The parents and teachers ask why, why
Because staying up is so fly fly

Now we stay awake till our bodies shut down down
Or school time is coming around round
School time coming around
School is coming round


--[You keep me up,
you bring me down
My head it pounds
Yea you got me

With my head up
You got me now
My body bows
To the nighttime]--


Now the party don't start til 2 am


Naliruns Naliruns
18-21, F
Feb 5, 2011