LIGHTS LIGHTS LIGHTS LIGHTS! that is all i still remember hearing at 0400 in the morning lol after that it was the countdown which seemed like it would get louder every second that was counted down, bare feet on cold floor not fun to, and it was also cold in San Diego at 4 a.m (0400) and than after that it was all fun workout and long day after that lol, even when the sun went down, if we were not working out outside it was things that needed to be done around the barracks and than night time was nightwatch where you have to memorize what to say when a Captain comes in.. When it was my turn I was standing guard at the entrance and a Captain walk over and of course I saluted and started to say what i had to memorize.. when in the middle of it i froze and forgot, still standing at attention and saluting the captain i was frantically trying to remember what I had to say, lol I blanked out.. anyways the reason I can't sleep enough and still get up at 4 a.m. or around there is because i guess i am still use to it :D oh well lol
coolguy3208 coolguy3208
26-30, M
Aug 19, 2014