Say One Thing And Do Another

i just dont get you sometimes we spend the day together, have a really great time,lots of laughs,cuddles,attention, romance,we head home,,...and a couple of hours later you tell facebook that your lonely and bored???
are you just dam selfish or am i missing something? there is me thinking what an awesome day we had,you even told me that you had the time of your life and were really happy then THAT???
im starting to think that i will never be enough for you,im starting to think that no matter how much time we spend together how much attention i give you that it will just never be enough
do you think i like going to work and being out of the house over 12 hours a day just to pay the rent and bills? do you think i actually enjoy working my *** off for a crap wage? DO YOU THINK THAT SATISFIES ME IN SOME WAY???
do you think that sometimes just SOMETIMES i would like to also spend some time doing something for me with out you making me feel guilty for it in some way????
do you think that sometimes just SOMETIMES it would be nice for me to come home and there not be yet another issue of yours to deal with??instead of wondering wtf im going to have to deal with this time when i get in from work?i DREAD coming home half the time
when i ask are you alright im not just being polite i actually want to know! but what i dont want is for you to blatantly LIE TO MY FACE!
why tell me your ok when you are obviously not? and have a face on that would sink a thousand ships?and when/if we finally get down to why,its something totally irrelevant,or something so minor its almost microscopic is it any wonder im tired, exhausted???
i have done EVERYTHING you have asked of me to make your life easier,better, happier,,,and a hell of a lot that you havnt asked.and all you do is throw it in my face!
i try to talk to you,i try to tell you these things but a BRICK would have more understanding ! its not that you cant understand its that you dont even seem to want to try so why should i?
if i wanted another child i would have one,its time you grew the hell up or get the hell out of my life,kill me you wont, **** me off you will!
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1 Response Jun 8, 2011

Hmmmm well I hope things work out though, maybe she's just feeling lonely no reason, no fault of anyone's? I get that way sometimes, not often really, but just so lonely out of the blue, no real reason....course mine could be because of being so far fom home...but yeah, maybe its a random thing and it doesnt have anything to do with something you are doing, or not doing?