Nice Guys Always Finish Last

so why is it nice people always end up being the ones that get kicked down to the ground?
i was recently getting to know a guy..for quite a few months actually and he decided to go with another lass who is a lot skinnier then i am but apparently its not a weight issue..?!
i no full well shes going to hurt him and its not fair coz i would have never hurt him, i would have gave him the love and respect he deserves! she on the other hand is sleeping with her ex who is engaged, she told me she likes guys who use and abuse her, she cheated on the last guy she was with but then again he was doing it at the same time....i wish i could tell him to try and make him see sense but he wont listen so what can i do?
i really thought he was different tbh, i cant say i wasnt hurt because i spent the rest of the day cryin my heart out!
his brother is in the same boat as me though, hes a really sweet guy but people look at him for his size and not for who he actually is! hes the most sweetest guy i have come across, he would do anything for that special lady but all lasses around here do is treat him like crap n it makes me sick!
i have a kid, i'm over weight but i'm working on that but should looks really matter? i have a bubbly personality, i love to have a laugh so what is it thats wrong with me??
i really dont understand why the liars and the cheaters get who they want but the nice ones are always left out in the dark
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1 Response Nov 26, 2011

Your right about looks when your young its the looks people lust after but as you mature you realise personality is more important so take a look at the person you want to be with and then look at what you can't see.