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when a man asks a woman to marry him he is asking for that womans love not to have someone live in the house with him.  i dont get how you can truly look the woman in the eyes and say i love you and will forever and then not respect her and treat her like the total godess you think she is.  i know if the perfect woman ever comes along and i am lucky enough to realize it that i will treat her everyday like a queen.  thats what women deserve men were not out for there favors we should be doing things for them sometimes all they need is a kiss on the cheeck and words of engcouragement such as i love you hunny have a good day or anything like that and yet every day men seem to take it for granted it really upsets me because they just dont realize i want to have a woman where i can worship her every single day i guess im just rambling but it is something that bugs me

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3 Responses Mar 4, 2010

nice thought bonnie.

If men do that, we woman respond in like manner. Most men know what you saying but fall short in reality. Good thought provoking posting.

Thank you very much Betty!