Okay, too much whisky, it's true, but what the hell is life for? What the hell is it for? I look at my list of fb friends and not fb friends and what? Would any of them give a flying ____ if I dropped down dead tomorrow? They'd give some half-arsed pose at grief. And who are they to me anyway? So I'm counting up who really counts - my dearest husband is half way out the door but that's okay - it's mutual - though we'll be friends I hope and that's worth something, my kids  yep, they matter - and one other - more than anything. Parents -yep. So I'm probably lucky.  But how do you measure your life? By what you've got? By who loves you whilst you're doing 'the right thing' in their opinion. By your job? Then I've got it made. I' m doing great. So why don't  I see it like that? What the ****?
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Re: "half-assed pose at grief" Haha SO true. Fakies who would never call you in real life but cybermourn over you if you died.

I understand exactly how you feel, sadly. :(