Just Two Days Ago...

Well just to days ago i was jumped by some girl in my school in the hall way. I was walking down to the bus to go home while my friend and i were listening to my ipod and out of no where this girl steps around the corner and punchs me in the eye. Now i dont really have a black eye but it is swollen but after that i was so surprized that i fell down and when i tried to get back up i accidently grabbed her leg. When I finally got back up she continues to whale on my face the only hit i felt was the first one after that i didnt feel anything. I told the girl to back off 3 times before trying to get my stuff and leave but she wasnt letting that happen so I punched her hard while i was wearing a diamond ring in the jaw. I still told her to back off after i hit her she just stood there holding her jaw like she was surprized or that i really hurt her. After I told her to back off again she just came back at me and started hitting me so i hit back trying to get her off me. I dont really remeber much of what happened but my friend said that the girl kneed my stomach... i have a bruise where the girls knee met the inside of my leg but heck i didnt feel it and i still dont i just noticed it last night. But anyways after that i called my mom told her what happened and that she had to pick me up from school the best part of the whole day was that my mom made me call the police and when he came in and my mom was there she looks at the assistant principle and says " Is this enough proof shes bullied". It took all i had not to laugh as the assistant principle decided to have us finish talking to the cop in the converence room within him there. Well after i gave my statement I ended up getting kicked out for 10 days just cause i wouldnt just let the girl keep hitting me and i fought back.

Tayuya Tayuya
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 11, 2010

what happend to the other girl?and is'nt the whole point of the karate class to make u know how to defend yourself not to get u in trouble even though u would do pretty good on ur own

This never seemed fair to me. My parents would have never punished me for defending myself.