I Used To, But Now Im the One That Offends..lol

When i was younger i was pretty sensitive and hated when people, well my mother would say don't take everything so personally. Because I didn't really understand what that meant. I never did till I moved out and realized after awhile that all the focus is not on me, and a lot of times people are not judging you they are just being themselves and have character basically.

Now im one of the ones that comes off offensive to other people at times, its funny cause I offend my mother the most and she says my humor is crude and i need to watch how i word things. AHAHAHAHAH. this coming from her is pretty ironic. I love to throw her stupid little saying back in her face like, well sounds like a personal problem. Or don't be so sensitive. hehe.

frosti frosti
31-35, F
Mar 17, 2009