Its The Sweetest Thing Ever

I don't see how a girl can possibly be offended by such a small gesture. Its not like they are saying you can't open a measly door. Some people just don't appreciate help, or kindness. I go to a pretty big college, with big and heavy doors. I am not the biggest girl around, I am pretty tiny, and those doors always give me problems. The other day I passed a guy I had a class with last quarter, we never talked back then or anything, but he recognized me and held the door open for me while doing the after you hand gesture thing. I had been a few steps away from the building when he had seen me and decide to stay by the door on his way out. now I'm sorry, but any girl who would get offended by something sweet like that is just nuts!
happyinmyskin happyinmyskin
18-21, F
Jan 31, 2013