It's Good Manners.

I don't understand why anyone would be offended by politeness.  I hold the door open for others, men and women alike, and I appreciate it in return.

Chivalry is not dead!

angeleyes2009 angeleyes2009 41-45, F 6 Responses May 14, 2009

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I say let 'em look! They're hard-wired to do so anyway!

I can't imagine anyone being offended by courtesy -- and I'm round, fiftyish & greying, so if they're contemplating my backside, they probably need their eyesight checked... :-)

Good Knight.

I agree angeleyes.

I don't care what he is thinking as long as he is polite.

I think the only people that I don't see doing it are teens and early 20s. Too focussed on what's happening to them to be aware that they've just slammed the door shut in someone's face. I don't know how many times I've seen it and it still leaves me picking my jaw up off the ground.

If they do it to me, that's one thing, but when they do it to an elderly person or a pregnant lady, it's just the sort of thing that would've driven my father into a frenzy. Small wonder that he died at 61.