I Am At a Loss...

  Am I just...odd? Am I too old? Am I, indeed, not old enough?  What is wrong with me? I really cannot get the concept of Harry Bloody Potter! Granted, I haven't read all the books...I really don't want to fall asleep that long...but what I have read has been pretty pedestrian I must admit. The movies? Ohh...don't get me started about the movies! I have, under duress, been made to watch these things...passed off as 'entertainment' and...and...they're pretty dull. Don't really care about the characters...can appreciate that a load of money has been THROWN at the screen but..y'know...it really doesn't float my boat..

   Just a few years ago, pretty much everyone I knew had read the books...I was sort of left as an 'outsider'..well, y'know, that's ok....I'd rather be a shepherd than a sheep...

   If you want REALLY well written children's books then read from the great Roald Dahl...I rest my case!


    Sammy Jo Duponte x



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Thanx...Y'know...It's just all hype...actually...it's worse than hype. It's like the story of The Emperor's new clothes....one day people will realize that they ARE crap and feel mightily embarrassed about it all...<br />
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Well....that's my dream anyway! LOL!<br />
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Sammy Jo Duponte x

I feel the same way...