People Who : Don't "believe" In Dinosours..

Don't believe.. what.... What do you mean you don't "believe"   What is there to believe in? they either existed or they didn't. There is no belief involved in facts. This is science!... SCIENCE.  I have a few fossils that back me up on this one!!

I just do Not get the logic of certain groups to ignore PROVEN scientific fact in the name of their religious beliefs.

PEOPLE, Religion explains the WHY. Science explains the HOW. There is absolutely no conflict between the two.


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HEHE Dem. ;)

THERE were DINOS... !!!<br />
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lol... <br />
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For something to be a science it must have the ability to be replicated and studied. Scientists are finding new bones all the time. You don't have to PAY to see them at the Smithsonian in DC. There they attached all the bones together so people can see what this thing called a dinosaur looked like. <br />
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I'm amazed and surprised there's a question about it. Mmmmm... Wonders never cease.

I really really do not understand why even facts would contradict anyone's religious belief. The two are very much separate. Religion is very much trying to explain the "why" of life. Science is only concerned with the "How" Science does not care why H2o is true just that it is. If your religion says the God made it H2o then so be it. Science says hey there where these big creatures we call them dinosaurs. who says "God" didn't create them. I have studied a number of religious thought and I have yet to see a list of exactly what animals where created. Just make my brain cells go POP

I know there were dinosaurs for all the reasons you stated above. I don't see the conflict between religions and science either. I have to say, I think AE is right....."we wouldn't want to confuse them with facts, now would we". Lol excellent comment AE!

The fact that competing expeditions mixed and matched skeletons in order to sell something to the museum does not exclude the fact the bones exist. . there are fossilized footprints. Big and small. Ancient man did not conspire to scam all time by making footprints in the sand so they would fossilize, be found by modern man. and pay them a fortune in shells.

When I say I don't believe in dinosaurs, I mean to say that I don't believe they ever existed.<br />
Got a triceratops fossil handy? Go ahead, google it... See the history of Dinosaurs...<br />
See who found them, and who they worked for.<br />
See that these museums still sell tickets to the original dinosaur exhibits...<br />
See that these exhibits are made of a collection of bones.<br />
Note that the main museum was on the same street as Barnum's freak show.<br />
See the reformed T-Rex skulls, because an guy in to vision said they would not be able to see.<br />
What is called "Science" has degenerated to profitable lies...<br />
Guess I have to finish my story to explain this one to the peanut gallery...<br />
This is just too much effort to expend for free...<br />
<br />
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