To What End??

I must say I do not understand all the finger pointing that has been going on.

there are two groups one that is FOR the other that is AGAINST. and it is all there for us all to see.

We can not avoid it.....It is tireing

Please both sides have valid concerns. Both sides profess to have proof of wrong doing... Both sides feel victomized.


I see both sides letting anger, fustration and resentment poison themselves. What good does all this public finger pointing do. Why use the Q&A  to instigate the hostility and resentment further.

So please BOTH sides,  present your proof to the admins. Let them handle it. And let go of all this poison.

other wise beautiful people (from both camps) are just letting all these acusations turn them inside out. It saddens me to see it.




CheekyGeek CheekyGeek
3 Responses Mar 11, 2010

I can see both sides, of the situation. However I do not understand why this is all SO PUBLIC. <br />
This whole putting the whole of EP in the middle of it. It is exhausting. And Unfair. Most of us are not prevy to any of the proof each side claims. nor do we want it, as we can do nothing about it.<br />
<br />
GAWD just give the proof to the people who can do something about it, and stop torturing the Whole of EP with all this unnecessary drama.<br />
<br />
This whole drama is ridiculous it just needs to stop.

So true Miss Cheeky, but I have found that some pple actually feed off being angry and upset. If there is no "fight of the day" to take sides on, they will start one. What has always amazed me about this type person is they will start it and then step aside and write pious stories about why they don't engage in it or approve of it.....huh?? I saw the conversation in "comments" over one group vs. another and you were absolutely right. Give your proof to admin. and let them take care of it....stop sniping and fighting and then bitching about it.

You're right, Cheeky, it is all SO tiresome. And I have friends in both camps, some of whom are quite distressed about the catfighting. Some are becoming disheartened because of it, and are even avoiding EP so that they are not forced into taking sides. Perhaps those who really want to ***** and moan should take their silly quarrels outside.