i post i don't think i'm attractive, ad everyone rushes to me, and lies to me telling me i am
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There is a reason the saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" exists.... it's not always about what you think.

i just
it's like
if i don't believe it, which i don't, how can anyone else believe it?

I get you don't. I believe I'm not pretty, but my husband and i could argue about that for hours. There will always be someone who believes it... even if it isn't you.

what do i do when everyones just putting me down, and telling me i'm ugly and worthless?

So let's take looks out of this (although, I actually think you are good looking...)....

No one is worthless. I have never met a single person who was. Their actions may lead us to believe otherwise, but to some point... there is something worthwhile in them.

For you... you made me stop and think for a moment. Even if for just that moment... you had a purpose. Don't discount yourself yet. You definitely can have huge potential to prove your worth. ... even that worth is only for one person. To that one person you could mean everything.

but i don't mean that much to anyone
i'm not that special

Why do you as that?

Why do you say that I mean ...

because no one ever tells me i'm special
they tell me i'm stupid and boring and worthless

Then those people are worth nothing to you. Keep looking. You'll come across people who will accept you for who you are. I know this all seems like ridiculous fluff... but trust me, I understand what you are saying. It took me quite a while to find people who actually appreciated me for who I was. It's not fun being put down like that, and I can identify with it. Keep pressing on and stay true to you.

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