Tried To Be A Friend

I was,Telling you that your a good person and that you wernt worthless,to show you that someone cared about you and what you had to say.And this is how you treat your friends?No wonder you dont have any.You could'nt even tell me why.I'm better off without people like you in my life.
frostbittensoul frostbittensoul
41-45, M
4 Responses Jul 20, 2010

i think that people that block you is there lose,not yours ,they should not go on EP if they do not like comments on there story's,i would call them weak minded people.

thanks you two

You know me you would have to really be offensive for me to block you. Sorry this happened to you like loveless says pseudo friends.

yeah. that's right..just don't think about those pseudo friends anymore..