what is a flip and where do i get one? Sounds like to much effort. looks like i wont be giving out any flips.

Arorin Arorin
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23 Responses Feb 10, 2010

yeah i guess i wont be giving flips then.


what are YOU doing?

what are you doing!

what are YOU doing?

Im laying down i guess, why?

what are YOU doing?

What do you mean? Like what i am doing right now?

what are YOU doing?

why thank god for my mouth not being washed out?

Thank god for that

Oh well in any case my mouth isnt going to be washed out.

Very weird

I dunno. Brimi said something weird..

No, I know that, I mean the other comment

I was joking about what you said. It was funny.


Wow that really says a lot about you ninjacakes.. I am not interested in "Serious pigeon action"<br />
<br />
My arms keep my mouth from being washed out with soap too brimi.

you guess they do?!<br />
<br />
<br />
Dude, you need to see some serious pigeon action we have here in London

Yeah... i guess they do.

I dunno, they **** everywhere

why would you flip birds? what did they do to you?

Hmm I flipped the bird a couple of times at the bus driver, does that help?