Just **** It

I just don't give a ****, man. That's what keeps love alive and people together, not optimism, not talking about problems...just **** it. **** it. Man, just **** it. People say"Well, what do you think about this?" **** it. "What is your stance on that?" **** it. Honestly, who gives a ****? Really. Life is too short. I don't give a ****, I'll kick it with anybody. I don't care...I'll talk about anything and if you got a ******* problem, like I give a ****...I'm cool with who I'm cool with and I'm usually ever cool with people like me, not because I'm narcissistic but because you either love or hate me. Only people who see eye to eye with me dig where I'm coming from. And I get a lot of flack for my brutally honest personality online and in real life but when it all comes down to it I don't give a ****. I don't give a **** what anyone thinks, I'm a drifter. I just go on and on but when it all comes down to it I prefer isolation. Doesn't mean I don't love or I don't value people but I'm an extremely independent person.
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Jan 17, 2013