Never Quit...

Those of you who know me best realize that I have a lot of stress on me and that my life is not all cherries and most of the time these days most of you would consider it the pits.  However I have hope that it is going to get better therefore I will never give up.

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So true Little lena.

It very much does, especially when I have really been here since 2007.

I hope a month has made a difference in your life for the better.<br />
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Hope can be a powerful tool for change, but determination is even more powerful. Be hopeful but also be determined, the world does not change for those who are merely hopeful but those who are determined have the ability to cause great change in the world.<br />
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Hope is passive and can be a great benefit, but determination is active. I encourage you to be active, determined, and hopeful. <br />
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Remember that no matter how thick the clouds are the sun is always shinning.

In the story of Pandora's box (jar), I believe that when she opened the lid all manner of things were released to torment man ( and some women) but she closed the lid in time to save hope. <br />
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That hope is what has kept me going. My believe that EVERY Night Mare has an important, if not Devine, lesson to be learned has kept me going, the hope that this pain is not for nothing. No matter how terrible the living nightmare, I had hope that there was a lesson to be learned. <br />
Even, especially, in that hospital room, crowed with polio cursed children. I was paralyzed from the waist down and my best friend died. A third of my 4th grade had some form of polio. The worst was those who were in the iron lungs. <br />
I found my spiritual path in that room, as well as an appreciation for all the challenges we are presented with in this life...DD

well i think only hope is nothing.. and there is no cure for only hope.. do not just only hope but do some thing practical.. too..<br />
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Well done is better than well said...

Hope and a positive attitude are going to get us through, FG. When I am feeling down, I try to focus on counting my blessings and realizing that no matter how hard it seems right now, it could be worse. One of my biggest blessings is that I have a wonderful friend named FunGirlMMM. ILY girl.