I Dont Go Out Without Makeup On

a always wear make up the only person that sees me without make up is my fiance. i feel quite attractive with it on but without it i feel so ugly. i dont even think i could bring myself to walk down the street with no makeup on. if any one feels the same way i would love to here from you!!!

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18-21, F
5 Responses Mar 2, 2007

beauty is only skin deep, you can be the most sexiest and beautiful woman on earth but thats for looking its whats inside that counts i have dated some stunning women but the converation was s___t<br />
i have dated somed not so fortunate women and they have been the nuts, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

I am sure that I don't wear it for an 'insecurity of some kind'. I don't have to put it on to go to the store or because someone is coming to the house. I am actually 'into' makeup. Like the trends the classics the how to's and how not's. I don't think that it's overbearing though. And I don't look like I have a pound of make up on. Just nice... I don't know. Some people like stranger things I guess...

Hey no one said that it wasn't totally overrated! LOL! My husband would kill me if he knew how much I really spend! So I don't ask how much he spends on video games and junk like that! Some women obsess with shoes or purses, mine is just make up!

I too wear make-up ALL the time. Well I guess not at the gym and not at home! But when I do go to the gym everyone asks if I'm tired!!!! When I was pregnant I didn't so much either... I think that it just makes me feel good. And without it I am very self conscious...

that is how I used to be, I wore way too much make up and would never leave my house without it, but after I met my boyfriend I changed, because I did the make up to look good for other guys but now I had one so why would I do that for other guys. I only use a very very little make up and sometimes noting at all, after I changed my style everyone asked me what was wrong lol