I Dont Even Let My Partner See Me....

I started wearing makeup around 11 years ago, when i started to suffer from mild acne as a late teenager, my first reaction was to cover it all up with the embarrassment of active pimples over my face!...as i got to the age of 15 i was wearing a lot of it and my pimples became a daily problem. I felt so ugly as i wiped the makeup id practically slapped on every morning, and got into endless trouble by the teachers for wearing it...but with make up it made me feel confident, and it hid my worst fear, of the other kids seeing my red pimples, you could obviously tell i had them, but with makeup they weren't too visible. i carried this routine on for years and began to not even go downstairs to my own family without it on. although i had boyfriends i still felt ugly underneath. i am now an adult and have found a wonderful partner of 4 years, but he very rarely sees me with no make up on...i wash it off then get into bed whilst we are in darkness...he says i look fine without it, but i still get pimples every so often..its not even about them as an adult,, its the fact that its been my routine for so many years..i suppose its hard to stop putting it on..its habit. but to any teenagers out there suffering from acne my advice to you is to stay clear of make up.i could have been rid of them years before hand if i hadn't of aggravated them with make up..and now have scars that were caused because of the length of time i suffered from them..teens, there are pills and natural remedies to help you, unfortunately back then there wasnt!...so yes im quite worryingly obsessed with make up, and not proud of it!

honeyTia honeyTia
18-21, F
Feb 5, 2010