Never Have, Never Will

I hope that doesn't sound bad or selfish, but I just can't bring myself to go to a funeral. The whole atmosphere is just too sad and creepy for me. I don't even want people to have a funeral for me. Just put me in the ground, have a little party and that's that.

SoakedInSoul SoakedInSoul
2 Responses May 9, 2009

Funerals are macabre. They spend thousands and thousands of dollars and put the deceased on display for everyone to file past as if they're going to greet them (or hold it against visitors if they don't.) Then they spend thousands more on a fancy box which they'll immediately bury in the ground. It's so utterly wasteful and ostentatious...but as with all things I guess it depends on your belief system. I simply don't believe it's all worth it.<br />
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I am trying to make it a habit instead to celebrate people while they're still around, because if I wait to attend a depressing religious service for them after they're gone they'll never know what they meant to me.<br />
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At least Viking funerals had a big wicked bonfire.

ehh i feel so guilty about not going to my best friend's mother's funeral. i mean, i didn't do it on purpose.. i had a short notice.. barely any one at all and no direction as to where it was at. blah! <br />
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i just don't function in the way everyone else does, i wish i would have known where to go.. but everything happens for a reason and for someone to hold it against you like that for years.. it just doesn't make sense. she knows where my heart is.. but still tries to act like i don't have one.<br />
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so yeah, i second that. funerals do not have a very inviting atmosphere =/