Been to One to Many,

My grand father was always my favorite growing up. He was dad to me for many years of my young childhood. Just before he turned 65, his doctor told him he was as healthy as a bull with years of life left in him. He had the medical examination because he was approaching retirement and he was going to learn how to scuba dive. Out at his first lesson, and in the water he suffered a huge heart attack.

I was only 16 and he was the first person I loved and lost to death. My family sent for me when it happened and his was the first funeral I went to.

Then some time later a little girl I knew died. She was the first of seven people I knew to die in that same year. I made it to the first couple of funerals of these people but it was to much for me and I didn't go to any of the last few.

After that, I stopped going to funerals all together. I'm the kind of girl that cries over the simplest of movie scenes, so I thought it best I remember the dead living.


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1 Response Sep 11, 2007

I'm sorry to hear. Really. Seven deaths in one year sounds inhuman to me. I'm glad you're still around even though I've probably never met you. My 95 year old granny died a few days ago and I have decided that I'm not going to her funeral. I just can't stand them :/