I Don't Want To Know!

I hate gossip in every possible way.  Why do people gossip?  A recent example of this at work. Three women enjoying a discussion about a female colleague,  who as a married woman "apparently" was having an affair with the maintenance man!   Ooh, wow, how exciting!!.....not!!   it is always the same people, that when they get together, turn in to bitchy, judgmental "witches".   It makes me feel uncomfortable when they do this in front of me, I feel like I am expected to join in with this 'be one of the girls' but the truth is it makes  me feel awful,  because for one, I don't believe I have any right to know the private affairs of other people. ( If they wanted me to know their personal life they would tell me themselves, would they not?)  I feel angry, for number two, because they have made me an unwilling participant in this childish behavior,  and for three, I really do not have the slightest interest, I mean, come on now, I really could not give a crap about who is shagging who!!  I have my own problems to worry about, and looking at the bigger picture, with all that is important in life and what is going on in the world it just makes this sort of behavior so banal and shallow, its quite cringe worthy!  These people do not have a clue how much they embarrass them selves to be honest. It just makes these grown women look like in mature, shallow, selfish people with a lack of real intelligence and zero integrity.......i wish they would just.get a life!!
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"shagging" do people still call it that??

ha ha showing my age LOL!!

lol doug!!...hmm...Yes I've heard all the 'talk' on what you welsh men like to get up to!! :)

I like that "boredom with ones own life" now I know why I don't gossip, I am not bored with my life.

Yes, women are women's worst enemies at times!

Oh people do love to talk about others misfortunes and indiscretions. I wonder how many are being hypocritical? Or would love to be indiscreet if only they had the courage?<br />
<br />
It's similar listening to women discussing the appearance of some other who dresses more provocative or sexily than they do - it's more to do with envy than fashion criticism!

I agree. i remember one friend of mine, every girly night out, she would be intent on pointing out every other woman who was dressed 'provocatively' as being in her opinion "a right ****" this used to drive me mad. At the end of the day "Why should she care so much?" and why does this woman deserve to be called a ****? in my opinion these are women who show confidence which is sexy and they are just having fun! ...obviously my friend was quite jealous.