Hate Is Dangerous

Every now and then, my passion gets the best of me... some might think I'm a hater.

It's curious. Anyone who knows me knows that the only thing that truly sets me off is a lie. Sure, I have a temper. But hate? Really? Hate? If you accuse me of hate, then you don't know me.

I scanned through my entire circle. I don't associate with haters. Do some of us get over-the-top angry? Hell yeah!

It's about me. I don't hate. I can't stand liars.

But I don't hate.

(yes... this was edited....and any references to any single individual were deleted...   my apologies to the authors of those comments)
NoLongerHere NoLongerHere
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3 Responses May 9, 2012

Well...Apparently I have a temper as well...soooo I guess really we can be temperamental, non-haters/truth telling Epeeps...sounds good to me!

*ruffles Pen's hair* ;)

*shakes my head like a dog*

No you're not a hater. You've got a lot of love for my ex :p

He's a lying ***** and an abusive alcoholic.... I admit wholeheartedly to having a temper. :-)