I Dont Hate Anyone...

I dont understand this feeling...ive had people use me, hurt me, lie to me, humiliate me...but all of them i have forgiven. I dont harbor bad feelings towards anyone. I wish no evil, or bad thing on anyone...id rather move on with my life, deal with my pain, and save my energy for something positive.

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Yes. I do agree with you. Although and because i've had very traumatica experiences of peolpe abusing me (physically and emotionally) since i was young and it continues until today (i'm beinged bullied at work) at the heat of the moment , when someone says something horrible or hits you don't you for seconds hate that person back and wish them suffering. I do at those moments... after a few minutes though my anger turns into sadness and and forgiveness. I wish i could be always more tolerant...

i digg u ( i think ) <br />
i never hated anione coz i think that hate is a speccial fealing , i never sayd i hate u , die bastard or like that , i just say what an idiot or something like that , coz i belive that they prob do things they do for some reason , for some personal problems or they simpley dont know other way.

well, for me it falls in the line of, "do unto others as you woulld have done unto you"...to me.."hate" is a wasted emotion. it kills.....to hate...is to murder..how so you ask???......to say "i hate you" doesnt it destroy a little part of a person??...in a world where people long for love...want to be accepted...and may be a little down on themselves...to be hated is sure it hurt something deep down and destroy a little hope. (quite possibly deeper than we care to realize) <br />
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... please do not get me wrong, im in no way shape or form perfect!! i get angry...we all do at some point....but i forgive quickly and i never let myself sink to hate someone..

You're a big person.