Hate Is Too Strong a Word...

Since there are so many experiences with the beginning 'I hate...' it's just easier to make a experience like this than to change the word hate into something else and create new groups---

Oh well... Yeah, I do think hate is too strong a word and I rarely mean it when I say it. I mean sure there must be things that I can't think anything good of and genuinely despise some stuff, but I still rather not hate. Even though words like despise and loathe are harsh too IMO.

Sometimes people/stuff just makes it impossible not to hate them though, but still I try not to send hate out into to the universe... :)

*yeah yeah yeah... stupid hippie ;D*
Terrorita Terrorita
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1 Response Jul 31, 2007

hahahaha... hippies! I agree with you :) I have fleeting anger at things, but I would never say that I have the persisting violence of emotion that I would associate with "hate". I may have joined one or two groups with "I hate" in the title, but it's no more than the other groups that I've joined whose titles don't perfectly reflect my feelings on a subject, but are not so far off that I would want to clog up the EP with another group.