I hate a lot about the things i do, the way i look, the mistakes i have made, the things i have failed to do. but i really don't hate myself...hate is a very strong emotion. i know i have felt very strongly against myself in different periods of my life, but it's never been directed at my core...and everything that i have ever hated i wanted to kill...the times that i do think about my own suicide it's more out of a sense of urgent desperation and an apathy to life and living...but not because i hate myself. there are also times where i wish i was someone else...and that's probably because i just want their money or their looks haha. but i never want to trade my soul with someone else....and if my soul is the most fundamental thing that makes me me, then i definitely don't hate myself....i just don't like myself very much right now....bf.
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well exactly...that's why i am pretty much ok with the core of me, the parts that can't be removed...all that outside stuff that i dislike can be changed easily...or maybe someone will come along who will love me regardless...would be nice if i could do that myself! bf.

You can always change the things you 'dislike' about yourself.