I'd Trade Half My Friends For One Best Friend

hello all, its saturday night and I stayed in for lack of wanting to go out and i got to thinking about something and i wanted to get some opinions about it. I'm a sophomore in college and in high school i had four really close best friends but not that many friends outside of that, now in college i'm living the opposite of that. I'm in a fraternity so i have forty brothers who are all friends of mine, but i feel like whenever i hang out with a group of them i get the feeling that no one would miss me when if i weren't there, i don't think anyone ever says 'hey why isn't drew here?' So yeah i have a ton of friends who i can hang out with and have a good time with, but i have no best friends, i don't have a wingman, someone who i always talk to, my go to guy for hanging out and partying. I miss having someone like that in my life, and like my title says I would trade half of my current friends for just one best friend. one guy who always wanted to hang out, talk to me, cared about me, knew me, liked all the same things.The problem is a person like that isn't just someone you can come across in one day or night, its a relationship that takes a while to build and i've been in college for a year and a half now and haven't found that person and i really wish i had.

Thanks for reading guys, please leave a comment with your thoughts or opinions i'd really appreciate it.
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Dude I feel the same way... I just want someone to share things with and care about the stuff I do!

I've said this before in a different way, I don;t want a big circle of friends, I just want at least one great friend. <br />
I went on a search for potential great friends, met many new people, lot of them I can hang with and have a great time. <br />
I have met a couple that potentially in time take that great friend status, but only time can tell. It's something that has to be forged and hammered out over time.<br />
I wish I knew right away, but who can you trust right from the start really? <br />
<br />
I find that my best approach to finding that friend is wide open honesty, I believe absolute honesty, open mindedness, and love. <br />
Yes, I do mean "love", but not like something you do for a significant other. <br />
<br />
If you both have to lie to each other from the get go, than how can it become that friendship you seek? <br />
Absolutely no lies, that level of honesty will make friends for life.