I Feel So Alone.

I'm no one's best friend. I'm in a group of 9friends at highschool and they all have their bff in the group and ,of course, I'm like the only one who doesn't have any bestfriends. I feel like I'm only invited with some of them when their bff can't be there. It make me feel like a ****. (because every nights they're having fun while I'm at my house on my computer because I was not invited ,because they didn't answer my texts or because they "work"...) I feel like a fool... Help plz ?

-P.S.: One of them was my best friends last year but since she met Vicky* we were like a trio, but with the time they became bff and let me alone. ( I think they don't want me to be with them because I didn't follow them in their drug trips... -.- )

* Vicky is not the real name of the girl.
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1 Response Jan 22, 2013

Well that sucks, very rude of people to ignore you unless their bff's are busy...can you start looking into your own hobbies and make new friends? Not everyone always has a best friend all the time, but you might find more like-minded people somewhere else

Thank you !! I'll try !