I don't have a best friend, and I get mad at people who flaunt theirs.

I know most of the posts in this thread were written over a year ago, but I may as well contribute - I feel this is such a worthy topic to keep alive.

I haven't had a best friend for several years, in part due to the fact that I married young; but at this point in my life (mid-30's), I don't know if that component of the situation matters anymore. I've been involved in enough groups (church, former workplaces, kids' activities, etc.) to potentially form a new "best friendship" - and yet, I haven't. Instead, I have dozens of people who are long-time (but still quite casual) friends - either that, or just ever-present acquaintances. But that's not really the point of my post today.

The first person to post in this thread mentioned Facebook. Recently, many of my Facebook friends (mostly women around my age who I know through the aforementioned groups) have made a habit of using youthful vernacular to describe their own best friends - you know the ones I'm talking about. Yes, these grown women are throwing around terms like "BFF" and "bestie" for the world to see - and it makes me want to gag. Example: Daily status updates like "Going to a movie with my BFF and her hubby!" or "on our way to a BBQ with our besties 4 life!" Really, ladies? I know that in a thread titled "I don't have a best friend," this sounds a little petty...after all, by posting in here I'm already acknowledging that I don't have a best friend - and clearly, I'm more than a little jealous. But that doesn't make your flaunting tasteful or considerate...and it certainly isn't very mature. 

I know that women who engage in this dumb behavior will probably never read this post, but I wanted to put it out there for women like me: "normal" (whatever that is) chicks who just want another female to enjoy hanging out with them, but have all but written it off because they are growing increasingly jaded and bitter as the women in their lives have all paired off, completely excluded you, and now they enjoy flaunting it in everyone else's face. If you want to puke every time someone posts "having dinner with good friends," "hanging with my girlfriends," or "off to a girl's night out" (or "in" - or, whatever) - well, I'm here for you.    

I know that part of my problem is that I sometimes give off angry vibes. However, I have given off 100% friendly vibes for some time now...and been totally blown off. Now, I see my twelve year old daughter repeating my history. It feels like a generational curse. I just want to know that someone out there has experienced this, particularly to the devastating extent that I have. It hurts especially deeply when you see the same thing happening in your child's life. I may start another thread about that specific topic. I first posted this awhile ago and am updating it in hopes that someone will respond. Thanks.=)  

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I want to be your best friend can I?

Comprehensive2...I'm a Christian as well. I love the Lord and He is my friend. But He put a desire for friendship in our hearts. If He didn't, NO ONE would have any friends - and they wouldn't care. I don't buy into the "I don't need friends because I have Jesus" school of thought. I don't even consider it a godly point of view. Thank you for your thoughts, though. God bless.

I do. He's realiable, steady, strong, supportive, loyal, and gives me the strength to go through everything that I have had to both good and bad and He smiles on me everyday of my life. There is no better friend to have than Him.