I Need a B F F

I used to think it was syrupy and unrealistic, but now I wish I had somebody I could always have around to love me forever, apart from my Mum. *sigh* It must be the "in my 30s" thing.

TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
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i cant be a boyfriend as i am so faraway from you but i can be your friend so if you like to try msg me on my skype ID aasimaali

*sigh*<br />
A while ago, I almost had one.

i dont really have a bff ethier, i have a few friends but none that are close...haha i confide in my boyfriend or my mom

My man is my heart and soul, but I'd like another confidant, you know?

LOL!!!! Good for you girl!!!! :-)

Mum lives two states away, but yeah...we are like the Gilmore Girls but not as high maintenance. God, they annoy me.

Honestly....I really don't have a BFF either....my SON is the only person I really consider my BFF... you might be shocked but your mum just might be your BFF! Who knows!!! :-) Never thought my son would be!!!!